Chemical Free - The Way To A New Lifestyle

Aisle after aisle filled with rows and rows of chemicals. Each row telling you it is okay, it is just soap! Except it isn't okay and it isn't just soap. We are washing our hair, faces, and bodies in chemicals. Then putting make up and lotions on with more chemicals. Then applying deodorant with aluminum right over our lymph nodes that make our adrenal responses. And just like that we have had hundreds of chemicals touch our bodies before we even step out the door to start our days, before we start to digest our first bit of hopefully, chemical free breakfast. As we move through our days we experience more chemicals in our foods, in our air with candles and air fresheners, on our feet as we walk through chemically fertilized grass. Our bodies are made to respond and sometimes it turns into an autoimmune response like arthritis or allergies. Sometimes our bodies store these chemicals in tumors or in our livers and kidneys. We aren't just making these choices for ourselves, but our youth is growing up with exposure to the same things. Our spouses and pets suffer from our product choices. It is is time to make those changes. One by one replace the products in your life with a chemical free option, until you no longer see these harmful chemicals in your sacred spaces, drenching your loved ones. 

You can start this process here, with me today! Soul Shine is a Chemical Free company, and always will be. However, I do acknowledge we don't carry the necessities just the luxury items. For that reason I invite you to do 2 things. 

1. Follow this blog and keep up with our posts. I will be posting cheap DIY laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, and many other tutorials in the very near future. All of these are great home made and easy alternatives.

2. If you have ever been interested in the all natural benefits of essential oils and are not interested in DIY projects, email me and let me help you come up with a plan to get your lifestyle switched.

We are here for you, your health, and your families health. Help us help you have a better tomorrow!

Until next time, so much love,


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