Hey everyone!! 

I have been saying for over a year now that I would start writing blogs for all of my beautiful customers, but time is always slipping away! So here we are... our first blog! And what a great time for it it is! 

Over the past year several of you have expressed your love for the healing benefits of our bombs and the essential oils used to create them. I never mind sharing my secrets for my blended recipes, but have never been able to offer you the oils themselves... until TODAY! I will now be carrying and distributing the same SEED TO SEAL ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS we use in all of our products.  These oils are chemical free and have many uses- aromatherapy, water infusion, cooking and dietary options, and much much more!

If you have any questions at all please send us an email at!  I cannot list all of the variety's of oils here as it is so long, but feel free to ask for specifics! If you have specific needs I can also give you great recommendations! 

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